How to decorate the space around TV?

Let’s talk about how you can decorate the space around TV. The size of our televisions continues to grow, and with it comes the question of how to conceal it, move it, or somehow blend it with the rest of the room so that it doesn’t look like a black hole. We find ourselves staring at them in rapt attention when they’re on. But when they’re off… not so much. It’s no wonder lots of people struggle with how they can decorate around the tv. Whether you have a lot of money to spend on design ideas or very little, whether you can make significant structural changes or require a quick style fix, here we introduce some around the tv decor design ideas that will work for you no matter your situation.


You can decorate the space around TV with Built-ins

You can decorate the space around TV with some built-ins. It gives the impression that the TV was placed there on purpose, almost like it belonged there all along. Instead of standing like a sore thumb, the huge screen takes a second seat to all that exquisite, show-stopping woodwork. And with open shelving, you can demonstrate your interior design skills. By including cupboards behind the shelves, you’ll obtain lots of concealed storage to stow DVDs and gaming stuff out of sight!


Works of art with a lasting impact

Many gallery walls use smaller frames to draw attention to the main item. However, suppose the television is the focal point of the room. In that case, you may feel compelled to fill the entire space with similarly imposing works of art. With more uniform proportions, your TV will blend in more naturally. This idea can also be used to decorate around thermostat.

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Be sure to decorate the space around TV with movable shelves

Maybe built-ins are out of your price range, or your tastes are simpler and more contemporary. In this example, though, all that is needed to decorate the space around TV is a simple series of floating shelves to accomplish the same thing by drawing the eye away from the massive black screen and into the otherwise empty white wall space behind it.


Make the TV “disappear” by placing it against a dark background

dark background for decorate the space around TV

This is one of the most functional decorate around tv ideas. The presence of a large television screen may consume a room like a black hole. But it nearly disappears when you apply a dark paint hue or paneling behind it. Ta-da!


Use lanterns to decorate the space around TV

Gallery walls don’t have to be made of frames; instead, place lanterns around your TV. Hang creative items like lanterns or baskets around the TV to liven up the space above tv. If you want to decorate the space around TV with lanterns, you should be careful that you won’t make the space crowded.


Place bookshelves all around your TV

book shelves for decorate space around TV

Give this tv space idea a try.  A bookcase is the ultimate blank canvas for creative display. They provide a perfect frame for a wall-mounted TV and ample room for holiday and seasonal adornment.



Plants are a beautiful and affordable choice to decorate the space around TV

decorate the space around TV

You can decorate the space around TV with different kinds of plants. Nothing calms the tumultuousness of today’s television set like a glimpse of the great outdoors. Plants in containers, baskets, hooks, or even just a swath of greenery in a vase are considered a great way to bring nature indoors and conceal unsightly gaps surrounding and beside the television.

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Cover the TV with a mirror

A finely framed mirror looks good with any décor. Imagine if your hideous television could be transformed into a beautiful mirror. Wait…. It can! Dielectric mineral glass is a special two-way glass that acts as a mirror when the television is turned off but is entirely clear when it is on.


Bottom Line 

In many cases, this is easier said than done when it comes to decorate around tv ideas. Now that you’ve seen all these fantastic suggestions, you’re sure to pick one that will complement your home’s decor and function properly. Remember, decorating the space around tv mounted on wall takes a bit of time and creativity.  As an interior design company in Dubai, we are ready to provide you with many services, such as living room design in Dubai and more. For a free consultation, reach us now.