How do I decorate my small living room? You can use many simple tricks to make your cramped living space appear more open. So, How do you style a small living room? Here are small living room ideas and small apartment living room ideas to consider.


Spend your money on a sizable area rug

How do I decorate my small living room? Even in compact living spaces, a large rug is a welcome addition. Although it defies logic, a large rug can make a room appear larger by calling attention to the floor and creating the illusion of more space.


Similar Color, Slightly Modified Shade

The woodwork and ceiling are usually left white in living rooms. The ceiling and trim have just as much visual weight as the walls, so blending them in is crucial, so they don’t look out of place.


Get the furniture away from the walls| How do I decorate my small living room?

How do I decorate my small living room? Move some of your big or small furniture away from the walls, even if just a few inches, and see if it changes how the room seems.

small apartment living room ideas

Always and Only Neutral

When planning communal spaces, it’s crucial to provide equal weight to the surrounding regions and the central ones. Using a consistent neutral tone throughout is a great way to unify smaller rooms like hallways and entryways with larger communal ones.


Mirror to decorate the small living room

How do I decorate my small living room? Light isn’t the only thing they reflect; they also mirror the vista, giving the impression of a larger room.

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Take down the curtains

It’s all about deceiving the eye, as we saw with the mirrors. Blinds or curtains block the view even if they don’t cover the entire window. Drapes and curtains are merely more “stuff” cluttering a space. The removal of these items simplifies the area. Shutters or lightweight mesh or cloth blinds can provide the privacy you seek. This is one of the best ideas for a small living room.


Make Everything White to decorate the small living room

How do I decorate my small living room? White’s reflecting properties are well-known. A room feels more open, light, and peaceful as a result. Its cloud-like look can be emphasized by painting the walls and ceiling the same white.


Focus on the vertical

Adding even one feature, such as a tall shelf, vertical shiplap, or a bare hanging bulb, may make a room feel more expansive. There’s a greater sense of motion and flow as a result.


Pay special attention to the horizontals 

How do I decorate my small living room? Anything that directs the eye around the room in a deliberate and organized approach, such as tall, lean furniture that imparts a sense of motion, or mirrors that bounce light and the view back into the space, will make the room feel more expansive.


Make room for passage

For easier traffic flow, it may be preferable to cluster the furniture on one side of the space.


How do I decorate my small living room

Put on lightweight fabrics

How do I decorate my small living room? To keep everything light and airy, you should avoid dark, dense materials and fibers. Using linen or another similarly lightweight fabric can make a space feel more open and airy.

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Avoid complexity at all costs

Space constraints force one to be selective. A room will feel more cluttered if it already has a lot of furniture, decorations, and patterns. Avoid too many knick knacks or group them, so they read as an installation.


Entryway Reflection

How do I decorate my small living room? Decorating using mirrors is a great method to maximize light and space in a living room with a narrow foyer.


Concealed Storage

Homes with upholstered storage ottomans can conceal clutter out of sight.


Drawers for Clutter

How do I decorate my small living room? Opt for light, breezy console tables with integrated drawers. These parts conceal clutter and provide support for task lighting.



These were our 15 top tricks to consider. Looking for a living room design in Dubai? As an interior design company in Dubai, we provideresidential and commercial interior design in Dubai and more. Call us now to find out.


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