Good kitchen cabinets

The good kitchen cabinets will retain their proper looks and practicality for at least twenty to thirty years of regular use. It’s not only that poor-quality cabinets are unsightly and difficult to use; they also drive up the price of installation and upkeep. Now let’s find out what good quality kitchen cabinets look like.  If you want to know if your kitchen cabinets are any good, here are ten things to look for. That would be:


  1. All-plywood wood used in construction of good home kitchen cabinets is second best to hardwood from a single source.
  2. Being supported by rear panels that extend the entire height of the cabinet.
  3. Soft-closing, movable hinges will keep your cabinets looking and sounding great for years to come.
  4. The drawer is reinforced and may close quietly and smoothly thanks to the under-mount soft-close drawer glides.
  5. Dovetail joints in the drawer’s construction ensure the piece’s integrity by locking the side panels together.
  6. The base cabinets’ I-beam structure keeps them square through shipping and installation.
  7. To top it all off, the melamine used to line the inside of the cabinets is not only fireproof and stainproof but also waterproof and incredibly durable.
  8. Cabinets with sturdy face frames last longer and hold up better over time. They’re useful for keeping things intact during installation and transport.
  9. Top-notch cupboards can be altered and personalized with various paint hues, hardware components, and decorative veneers.
  10. The best cabinets are backed by a warranty

good kitchen cabinets colors

All about good kitchen cabinets colors of 2023

Here are some good colors for kitchen cabinets for 2023:

  • White: White is considered the most popular color for kitchen cabinets. White cabinets will never ever go out of style and are a wise investment for selling your home.
  • Blue: In its many gradations from pale grayish blue to deep navy, blue has been popular in 2023. Blue is soothing to the eyes and works well with various aesthetics.
  • Green: all shades of green, from pastel seafoam to deep hunter, have increased. It’s possible for some greens to have a classic appearance, while others can be more up-to-date looking.
  • Gray: Grays with undertones of olive green, slate, and dark blue are all in trend now, and they all share one feature: charcoal. Many people who decorate their islands do it with these tones in mind. Are grey kitchen cabinets a good idea? Because of its adaptability and classic appeal, gray is frequently used as a paint color in homes and by interior decorators.
  • Creamy: Creamy Warm neutral tones are trending; they can be anything from a light cream to a deep dark taupe. As wonderful as these hues are, it’s no surprise to see them so prevalent in 2021.
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Bonus question 1: are black kitchen cabinets a good idea?

Darker cabinetry is a surefire technique to convey an air of sophistication and refinement. A room will feel more substantial with a dark, polished finish. Therefore, black kitchen cabinets are recommended to make your kitchen look elegant.

Bonus question 2: is lacquer good for kitchen cabinets?

Suppose you’re looking for a finish for good kitchen cabinets. In that case, lacquer is the way to go because of its high-quality clear coat sheen, resistance to water and air, breathability, and resistance to chips.

Applying a second coat of lacquer paint to your kitchen cabinets is a breeze because it dries quickly. Also, you may wonder is painting kitchen cabinets a good idea?

Painting is a great option if you need to save money. Painting is a good alternative because it frees up cash for other purposes, even if you are not under any compulsion to make the most economical choice possible. Installing new cabinets can eat up nearly half of a kitchen remodel budget.

And last but not least, is chalk paint good for kitchen cabinets? It’s a suitable and quick option for repainting and not more.

solid wooden kitchen cabinets

Materials of good kitchen cabinets

 Which material is good for kitchen cabinets? When it comes to durability and endurance, solid wood cabinets are among the most durable kitchen cabinets.

Maple, oak, birch, walnut, and cherry are long-lasting woods you can choose from to have good kitchen cabinets. Is melamine good for kitchen cabinets?

Cabinets made of textured melamine are another alternative. Textured melamine, or thermally fused laminate, is one of the most long-lasting cabinet materials available today because of its extreme resistance to water, heat, and stains. Also, if you want to know, are MDF kitchen cabinets good?

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Now, I must mention that MDF cabinets are less expensive than those made of solid wood and can be just as sturdy. If you prefer things to be straightforward, they are an excellent choice.

Also, a common concern is plywood good for kitchen cabinets? Regarding kitchen cabinets, plywood is a terrific choice for any style, but it shines in contemporary and retro settings.

Another important question many young people wondered about for 2023 is:  Are Costco kitchen cabinets a good deal?

Cabinets sold at Costco are of high quality. They are priced similarly to those sold by other suppliers of prefabricated cabinets. However, you will not save much money. If you are not already a Costco member, it probably isn’t worth obtaining a membership only for their kitchen cabinets.


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