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Majlis Design

Majlis design in Dubai for Interiors

MAJLIS is a usual gathering spot for intimate conversations between hosts and guests. If you’re familiar with traditional Arabic architecture or Majlis design in Dubai, you’ll appreciate the luxury majlis design in Dubai. Great designs for Arabic majlis are provided by our international team of architects and designers from a broad range of cultural backgrounds. Your majlis design in Dubai Arabic can be customized to your specifications by the Sierra team. Once they learn about your preferences and needs, the items you want to see in this room, and any other specifics, they will devise a plan that will leave you and your visitors in awe.

Majlis design in Dubai

Modern Majlis design in Dubai

The contemporary Majlis design in Dubai and the eating area features mostly contemporary furnishings and decor. The use of modern materials and finishes, clean lines, and an uncluttered layout can be seen in majlis design in Dubai architecture. The interiors’ rigid modern geometry is offset by the design’s warm and inviting emotions thanks to the sophisticated blending of modern and subtle Islamic motifs such as Islamic geometry, arches, and curves.

How Do We work?

  • We Design: Initially, we have a kick-off meeting with the client to discuss the project’s goals and objectives.
  • When You’re Happy, We Start: When you’re satisfied with those, we move on to the next step, which is developing concept designs at least until the client approves the final version of the design.
  • We Construct: After that, we begin the planning and building phases of the project. Until the final piece of the puzzle has been handed over.

Helpful Hints for Majlis design in Dubai

Arabic culture has long placed a premium on hospitality, treating visitors as honored guests. Here are some tips for Majlis design in Dubai if you’d like to provide your guests with a similar sensation. Be sure to consider these majlis design ideas.

  • Be sure to strike a balance when deciding on the size of your majlis
  • The Majlis is the main gathering space in traditional Arab homes. The parlor is where a company is greeted, entertained, and debated.
  • Although some may assume that a Majlis must be vast in size, it needs to be a cozy and welcoming place for its guests.
  • Make sure that the Majlis sofas aren’t too far off from one another by not leaving vacant areas between them.
  • To facilitate serving, put the table within arm’s reach of the host, if at all possible.
  • Make sure there’s enough space for each person to move around the table.
  • Provide a space where people can meet and talk to one another
  • A Majlis is a meeting place for community members. Many people in the current period have a television or other screen in their Majlis, which can distract from the dialogue and interaction. Here are some suggestions for decorating your Majlis to become a gathering place where friends and family may unwind and share stories.
  • A screen or television has no place in a traditional Arabic Majlis, the gathering area for friends and family.
  • A portable version of such a gadget is ideal for use in the Majlis.
  • Be sure the television does not dominate the Majlis.
  • Make sure that any mobile gadgets in space are only there temporarily.
  • Maintain Majlis’s Privacy
  • The area’s privacy is highly valued in Arabic traditions of the Majlis, which is why it is usually located in a separate building from the main house.

welcoming majlis design furnitures

Majlis design company in Dubai

Do you need the services of a reputable majlis design company Abu Dhabi for Majlis design in Dubai? Is hiring one of Abu Dhabi’s finest interior design firms on your to-do list? Surely, you have found the optimal combination of superior quality and practicality. TNA’s success is founded on our ability to foresee and fulfill client needs in such a way that we always exceed expectations. As one of the best majlis design companies in Dubai, we are ready to help you.

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