Whether you use it for sleeping in, reading a book, or watching an entire season of your favorite show in one sitting, a well-designed modern bedroom is essential. We are here to introduce some of the trendiest modern bedroom design ideas. That’s not to suggest that a contemporary bedroom must be stark and devoid of personality or that it must use only futuristic materials. Instead, in today’s world, a bedroom can be decorated in any style you like, whether you prefer bright colors, a soothing palette, or a minimalist aesthetic.

The goal is to make your bedroom where you want to spend more time than just sleeping. For this reason, here are modern bedroom ideas and modern bedroom designs for small rooms gathered by our modern interior design company to keep in mind.


Modern Schemes| modern bedroom design ideas

Neutral tones such as brown, cream, tan, black, gray, and white are typical of the modern color scheme and modern bedroom design ideas. Colorful accents like red, yellow, and blue were used by early Bauhaus artists. The use of neutral colors persisted as the design developed, but bright, upbeat accent colors became more prevalent.


modern bedroom design ideas - Nature

Materials from Nature

As seen in this example of a primary bedroom with a modern or mid century modern aesthetic, natural materials, especially wood, play an important role in the design. However, plastics and chrome are inextricable from the MCM aesthetic, contributing color, sparkle, and a celebration of mass-produced objects.


Geometric Patterns

Among modern bedroom design ideas, simple geometric patterns are highly regarded. Mid Century modern bedrooms benefit greatly from “atomic” patterns.

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Scandinavian contemporary is a subgenre of mid century modern that also values simplicity, functionality, and a neutral color palette emphasizing white on floors and walls. Timeless IKEA pieces exemplify the Scandinavian modern design of bedroom.


modern bedroom design ideas - floor

Highly Finished Surfaces| modern bedroom design ideas

This is one of the major modern bedroom design ideas. Generally speaking, the surfaces of a contemporary room will be sleek and polished. The sleek, contemporary feel is enhanced by using polished floors, lacquered or highly polished furniture, accents of metal (particularly chrome), and glass. Be sure to consider these for modern bedroom floor tiles design.


Huge Headboards 

The trend of elaborate, oversized headboards has been around for some time, but the fashion is gradually shifting. The shiny, monotone textures of the past have been replaced by the colorful patterns and matt finishes of the present, and the complexity of the shapes has increased. Curves and free-form asymmetrical pieces have replaced the rectangle as the dominant shape.


modern bedroom design ideas - modern art

Modern Art Pieces 

There is almost no better place to unwind and be yourself than in a contemporary bedroom filled with new modern bedroom design ideas. Play around with different color combinations before settling on two or three that you like. Choose a single hue as your modern palette’s anchor, perhaps from a prized photograph, painting, or article, then build outward with contrasting or coordinating colors to create a cohesive look. You can also use pieces for modern bedroom ceiling design.


Furniture with Multiple Uses| modern bedroom design ideas

Among modern bedroom design ideas, we must say modern design is all about multifunctional pieces of furniture. Bed frames with built-in floating shelves that double as nightstands are a great example of this, as are benches with storage space at the foot of the bed. Because form follows function, choosing stylish, multipurpose furniture is a great way to spruce up any space.

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Beds with Platforms

Modern bedrooms, especially those decorated in the minimalist Scandinavian style, often feature simple platform beds. The open feel that is a hallmark of this design is aided by a lack of carpeting and the retention of space under the bed or other pieces of furniture. You can use this idea in modern bedroom interior design.


modern bedroom design ideas - Rugs

Area Rugs

While many mid century modern interiors feature muted color palettes, bolder choices are not uncommon. Keep in mind that a rug’s vibrant colors or patterns can completely transform the mood of a room.


Monochromatic Schemes | modern bedroom design ideas

As one of the easiest modern bedroom design ideas, a monochromatic color palette is a simple way to give a place a polished look and feel. The displayed space tends toward a monochrome theme, with its predominant colors being hues of gray and white. A beautiful black and gold globe light bulb and golden wall sconce perfectly complement the room’s existing industrial aesthetic.


Bottom Line

These were some of the trendiest modern bedroom design ideas to consider. As an interior design company in Dubai, we provide brand new ideas for Bedroom design in Dubai and more. Reach us now to learn more.



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