Make a balcony look like a garden

Creating a green space on your balcony or make a balcony look like a garden will not only enhance your wellbeing by bringing cute balcony decor, but it will also give your kitchen fresh ingredients to cook with.

Since balconies do not have natural soil, this exercise is perfect along with any potted plants you plan to add to your indoor space when you decorating a balcony with plants.

According to a Chinese proverb,

“Life begins the day you plant a garden.”

As spring equinox approaches, you can make a balcony private, and also make pretty balcony garden by building a balcony garden of your own.

Make a balcony look like a garden

Elegant balcony ideas

First Step: Investigate your space and do some preliminary research

Check the building’s rules first to see if you can install trellises in your space before you get started.

Consider painting the sidewalls of your balcony as well if you’re allowed to do so, in order to make the balcony look like a garden entrance.

Next, determine what you can grow in your local climate.  As every balcony has slightly different challenges, check which plants are best suited to your location.

Does your space receive full sun all day long, for example? Do you need to apply some planets that are suitable for balcony garden low light situation?

Does it get windy and cold because it is open to the elements? It is necessary to adjust the types of plants you can grow based on the amount of exposure to the elements.

When you’ve conducted some research about how do you make a balcony look like a garden? it’s time to start designing and planting; hence you may need to contact a balcony garden planner.

No matter how many floors you are above ground level, interior designers recommend treating your balcony as an extension of your living space.

It is essential to make balcony private and relaxing space, and have folding chairs and a table to eat and drink at, or to read a book at.

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If you like Japanese balcony garden ideas, it’s a good idea to paint your balcony in a sludgy garden green for a more natural look, or simply white for a more modern look.

make a balcony look like a park

Second Step: Choose the right plants to make your backyard look like a park

Consider climbing plants such as fragrant jasmine or honeysuckle on the walls or railings. They not only make your garden looks beautiful, but also are a brilliant idea for decorating a long balcony.

What are you looking for? Is it color? Is there greenery? Perhaps a fresh ingredients larder outside?

In order to make a balcony look like a garden, you can grow Impatiens in containers if you don’t have much sun. They come in pink, violet, and red hues, along with white for great contrast, and have great flower coverage.

For a tropical look on your balcony, try a “Shangri-La” Philodendron with large split-leaf branches.

Try a dragon wing Begonia if you have a balcony with partial sun. This begonia is perfect for balcony gardeners who are looking for a low-maintenance but high-impact plant. Withstanding wind, drought, sun, and shade, it thrives. Also they make your garden looks beautiful.

Leafy greens and herbs are generally regarded as the best introduction to growing your own food for small spaces and container gardens. It is possible to grow tomatoes in a pot, but you can even grow them in larger containers.

For south-facing balconies, grow Little Bing cherry tomatoes, which grow well in containers, as well as sweet peppers.

Fruit and vegetables can be grown in small spaces as well, and make a balcony look like a garden at the same time.


make a balcony like a garden

Third Step: Make sure you have the right  materials to make a balcony look like a garden

The best way to extend your indoor design scheme to your outdoor space is to search flea markets for interesting items that can double as planters.

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You can find inspiration at garden centers and home decor stores by choosing pots and planters – perhaps an antique ladder as an alternative to a shelf – and choosing a color scheme.

The container size should be large enough to hold enough soil volume for the plant and its roots. Besides retaining more moisture, larger containers require more watering than plants grown in the ground.

Depending on your building’s rules, you can affix trellises or hooks for hanging baskets to the wall, but you can always create different heights by adding a table or stepped plant stands. It is also a good idea if you want to make your backyard look like a park.

It is also ideal for gardening to follow the “reduce, reuse, recycle” mantra. In terms of design, galvanized metal buckets and baths are simple and functional-but remember to drill drainage holes in the bottom. It is especially useful on hot days to use old favorites like terra-cotta, which not only looks good but also retains moisture.

nice balcony

Finally: Make a balcony look like a garden and Protect the environment by doing your part

Verbena flowers attract hummingbirds, butterflies, moths, and bees, so they are ideal for creating natural habitats on your balcony.

The lavender you grow on your balcony will also attract bees, so you’ll be doing your part to spread spring’s bounty far and wide.


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