Decorating a small apartment can be challenging. You don’t need to sacrifice comfort and style for the sake of minimalism. Try out these easy to make a studio more homey design ideas to make your place more spectacular. If you’re keen on home remodeling and want to learn more, our guide will show you how to maximize making a studio more homey in your own unique way.


Get a quality area rug

The rugs in your rental property have undoubtedly gone unaltered for years, if not decades. And to make matters worse, there are no area rugs to hide the unattractive laminate flooring you will look at every day of your stay. It’s okay to splurge on rugs. Fantastic antique carpets never go out of style; the greatest part is that you can pack them up and take them with you when you move out.

make a studio more homey by repainting

Re-paint the walls

Your walls are a good start to make a studio more homey. Pick a style that suits you, then adjust the hues to reflect the mood you’re going for. White and cream are two nice, light colors to work with; however, you can also go with black and gray for a more dramatic effect. Think about the overall aesthetic you want to achieve for the greatest outcomes. Do you prefer the cutting edge? Traditional? Bohemian? Postwar aesthetic? Industrial? Farmhouse? Which color you select to paint your walls with will depend heavily on your taste.


Use the old accessories 

Perhaps there’s a dash of James Bond in you, and you can’t get enough of your gadgets and jewelry. I say bring things out from under the bed or out of storage and put them on display. Create a showpiece from your antique camera, display your most prized jewelry, or neatly stack your dive watches. Use this time to share your interests, spark conversation, and use your favorite things every day, no matter what and how you do it. Making a studio more homey equipment can be done.

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make a studio more homey

Buy new furniture to make a studio more homey

IKEA is a godsend for anyone who needs to equip a room fast on a tight budget without losing style and anyone looking to make a studio more homey furniture. Put aside some money if your apartment is fully or partially furnished. You could go crazy with this much and buy anything your heart desires, from potted plants and dinnerware to mirrors and shoe racks. However, as was previously noted, when renting, you should spend money on things you can take with you, so make sure to invest in at least one eye-catching piece of furniture.


Purchase sun-blocking window coverings to make a studio more homey

Sun-blocking shade can make a studio more homey. Windowed bedrooms design are common even in modest studio apartments. Of course, the amount of natural light that enters is also related to the number and placement of windows. Managing this natural light is crucial to feeling secure in your surroundings. Get some heavy blackout curtains if you need to reduce the light coming in. If your window faces due east or west, this is crucial. The sun, especially as it rises or sets, can be uncomfortably strong and glaring at certain times of the day.

make a studio more homey

Get some comfortable cushions and blankets

Let’s settle in for the night in some plush, relaxing pajamas. Pile soft cushions on the sofa and the chairs. Cover the back of your futon with a throw blanket. Guests staying in the flat will appreciate having these familiar touches readily available. It’s amazing what a difference this makes in creating a homey atmosphere in a flat.

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Buy plants to make a studio more homey

Do you want to make a studio more homey home decor? Plants are a great way to add aesthetic and health benefits to your leased house. Decorating with houseplants is a simple and inexpensive way to inject life and color into any space. They also contribute to cleaner air, which has been shown to alleviate stress. Hang them there to draw attention away from the window frames themselves. Oh, and pick plants that won’t need constant attention.



It might not be easy to know where to begin when it comes to make a studio more homey. With little room, creative storage solutions are essential. Also, if making a studio more homey on a budget is one of your priorities, most of the above tips will come in handy. Keep in mind these ideas, and you should be able to complete the task in no time. Then you can relax and take pleasure in your house to the fullest. For more advice on interior design in Dubai, reach us now.