Let’s talk about whether the water fountain be placed in bedroom or not. Installing a fountain outside or inside your house is a fantastic idea.

It’s a great tool for achieving the calm and contentment you’ve sought. A water fountain can go just about anywhere, but you should still consider where it would look best, and there are certain places to avoid. The location of the water fountain, specifically in the south of the house, is crucial. You should not go for a water fountain be placed in bedroom, as it may cause issues.

A water fountain looks beautiful in most living rooms, so that’s something to think about. Now let’s see the ideal location for putting a water fountain.


The best location for a water fountain

water fountain in living room


It’s important to think about things like the feng shui bagua map when deciding whether a water fountain be placed in bedroom or not. It is well known that the Kan field (and the water element more generally) go hand in hand. It’s also a sign of luck and success. If you value your loved ones and well-being, you should install the water fountain towards the east. This is a pivotal spot for many, bringing significant outcomes and benefits. To further encourage good fortune and plenty, you can turn the fountain so that its water sprays toward the southeast. If this is the most critical factor, then SE is an excellent choice that, if implemented properly, can yield outstanding outcomes.

A water fountain on the north part of your home is considered promising for your professional and personal success. It can be of great assistance and promises beneficial outcomes that you shouldn’t ignore. Knowing your end game for the water fountain can help you manage it more effectively and produce the best results. You can also make a terrific design choice by putting the fountain in your home’s foyer or near some wood features. The benefits will always be apparent and aid in bringing about a feeling of abundance. For this reason, it should always be your first consideration. Let’s talk about certain places where you shouldn’t place the fountain.

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Where would you not want to put a water fountain? | water fountain be placed in bedroom

water fountain be placed in bedroom

It has already been established that the southern region of your home is not a good choice for the water fountain and water fountain be placed in bedroom is not advisable. In accordance with placement of water fountain in feng shui and vastu water fountain direction, the south sector represents renown and reputation and is also a fire element. As a result of the inherent disharmony produced by these competing factors, feng shui is poor.

The energy you’re putting out there is at odds with itself. That’s a major issue. Ideally, the fountain’s waters would constantly be flowing in your direction. That’s a guarantee of financial success and plenty.

All those gains are being lost due to its southerly orientation, which is becoming increasingly problematic. Correctly addressing that is a critical topic, and doing so will likely bring about significant benefits if handled properly.


How to properly use a water fountain? | water fountain be placed in bedroom


  • It’s not healthy for relationships to have a bedroom water fountain. Don’t even think about the water fountain in bedroom.
  • The north side of the house, near the front door, is where a water fountain will bring the most positive energy into the home. A water fountain may be a lovely addition to any garden.
  • There shouldn’t be any lulls in the water circulation in the fountain; that could be a setback.
  • It’s important to keep the water fountain clean, so it doesn’t attract dust, grime, and algae.
  • To stop the spread of bacteria and algae, add some hydrogen peroxide.
  • The fountain should be positioned out of the sun’s rays.
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Now you know that a water fountain be placed in bedroom is not a good choice. It takes effort to figure out where a water fountain would look best. It’s best to take your full time and avoid feeling rushed. It’s up to you to locate the best spot in your house, so don’t be afraid to try out a few various bedroom fountain ideas.

Checking it out and trying it will help you determine the best location for the water fountain. As a design company in Dubai, we can help you with bedroom interior design in Dubai and offer creative ideas for when you should place a water fountain.